Sunday, April 30, 2017

Study Breaks to Use for Finals Week

With the end of the year coming to a close and final exams beginning this Friday, I know that most of my time will be spent in the library. However, we all need to take breaks while studying to refresh and clear our head. Here are some of my favorite study breaks to use during finals week!

1) Go to the waterfront and watch the sunset!

This past Friday my friends and I went to Perkins Pier to watch the sunset on Lake Champlain. The waterfront is a quiet and peaceful place, and is absolutely beautiful, especially when it's sunset! 


2) Switch up your study spot and go to a coffee shop!

There are so many options for study spots on Church Street and in Winooski. Dobra Tea, Muddy Waters, Skinny Pancake, Scout & Co, and New Moon are some of my favorites! Grabbing a tea or coffee and studying in a new location can really help, especially when it's towards the end of finals and you've spent almost all your time in one study spot.

3) Play frisbee or spend time out on the quad area when it's warm!

The quad area and library lawn are packed when it's warm outside. The past week, I've spent my free time playing frisbee and KanJam with my friends when the weather is good. Being outside and playing frisbee is a good way to have a short study break! 


4) Go to the gym or go for a run!

Whether you want to go on a run, work out, or play 3 on 3 basketball, Tarrant is a great spot to go for even a half hour to relax and get your energy back up!

Most importantly, make sure to take care of yourself. We have less than two weeks left this semester, you can do it!
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Katie :)

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