Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Saturday Adventures: Farmers Market and Farms

This past Saturday was the perfect temperature to get off campus and explore the area around Saint Mike's. 

The Burlington Summer Farmers' Market takes place every Saturday on City Hall Park & St Paul Street from the beginning of May to the end of October, and is from 8:30am-2:00pm. 

This farmers market has over 50 vendors selling all sorts of things! These items range from doughnuts and bread, to artwork and jewelery, to dumplings and burritos, to cheese and jam (my personal favorites). The farmers market is the perfect way to spend a Saturday morning/afternoon listening to live music while sampling different local foods!

I definitely recommend sampling the jam! This year so far, my roommates and I have collectively purchased eight jars of jam. :)

After the farmers market, my friends and I went to Shelburne Farms. Shelburne Farms is about 20 minutes from Saint Mike's, and is absolutely beautiful! They have walking trails, cheesemaking, a farmyard, and a gift shop. We decided to go to the farmyard for the afternoon.

These adorable animals are Brown Swiss Calves. Jericho is on the left and Birch is on the right.
The farmyard area also had goats, rabbits, and sheep! 

My friends and I rode the tractor wagon shuttle back which had fantastic views of the mountains! There's nothing better than a warm fall day spent with friends, petting calves and goats, and eating jam. :)

Until next time,
Katie :)
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