Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Mid-Semester Tips!

Hey everyone! February has sure been one of my busiest months here at Saint Mike's. In busy times like these, it's important to stay refreshed and stay motivated in order to get everything done efficiently and effectively. Here are some tips to staying refreshed, getting your work done, and still having a fun semester!

1) Don't Procrastinate (especially not on big papers)
    Let's be honest, we all do it. However, I found that by completing the smaller assignments first, it helps out in the long run because then there is less work to do so you can focus more on the big papers and big exams.
2) Switch up your study spot!
     I will alternate between doing work in the library, the Dion student center, and the academic buildings in order to get work done in the most efficient way. For me, I go to the library to do papers since there are not really any distractions, I go to the academic buildings to study for exams, and Dion to work on other assignments.
The loft on the third floor of Dion is one of my favorite spots to study!
3) Make sure to take advantage of the nice weather!
      Right now, it's 50 degrees and sunny outside. Be sure to go on a walk or doing homework outside on nice days, it will help you refresh and is a good way to take time for yourself!

4) Get off campus and explore!
      On weekends in the winter, I love to go skiing and downtown to the Burlington area! Getting off campus is a great way to clear your head and explore the beautiful state we live in. Here's some pictures I took at Smuggs this season.
Until next time,
Katie :)

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